Designer to Watch | Ya Jewelry from Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has seen a huge amount of emerging designers build their reputation in recent years. Located in the spot where eastern and western culture merge, the emerging power from Tel Aviv, Israel shows up with an extra appeal, in both culturally exotic and familiar way. Ya Jewelry is an urban pop jewelry brand based in Tel Aviv, founded by Abigail Youdim. The designer graduated from the top design school in Israel in 2012 and with a heart to convey her messages about jewelry and body, she started her adventure.

Rather than an experiment, Ya jewelry is a presentation of the designer’s belief about the impact of jewelry on body. She never sees it as merely a decorative element. Although it is still a young brand, the systematic aesthetic and distinctive maturity of design differs itself from the peers. Every piece of the collection becomes a delicate bridge linking the human body with universal beauty. Neither of them wins the spotlight alone. They serve each other. The jewelry and the wearer.

Main Collection Line Los Muertos

The lookbook of main line Los Muertos shapes up a refreshing breeze under a hot weather. It represents strongly the designer’s definition of Ya jewelry. Diverse elements from the inspiration of Abigail including nature, architectural forms, pop culture are there to see. Ya girl is very comfortable with the design. She can smell freedom, touch beauty and become the one she wants to be.

Sugar skulls are the main elements used in this line because the great Frida Kahlo and the Mexican holiday– Day of the Dead is the major inspiration on Los Muertos. On the necklace, on the ring, gold and silver. It spells cool femininity. Skull is not a surprising new motif in the design. However, the intention of the brand philosophy to fit every piece into a body part gifts every piece with a sense of timelessness.

All items are hand-made with finest details. We always see hand-made work as a delicate integration where the designer tries to strike a chord with the customers about the vision in her head bit by bit. In Ya jewelry, you see no subversiveness. Or commercialization. Instead, what intrigues your attention is its mixed style in the minimalist accent. The greek style leaf earrings,  animal shaped jewelries(flamingo, unicorn…)

Image Credits: Ya jewelry press office

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