Designer to Watch | Unconventional BESFXXK

by Olivia Deng

Right after their graduation from Royal college of art and London College of art in London, the duo designer, Jae Lim and Bona Kim, established BESFXXK in the late 2016. There is a strong spirit of exploration and experimentation to BESFXXK. Their outwears, coats are always the highlights of the collections. They deconstruct their outwears to a master level with military silhouettes. Their style has been accepted by worldwide sellers including Leclaireur Paris.

The latest 2017 Autumn/Winter collection takes audience back to British classic garments in an out-of-box way. Using ordinary fabrics, BESFXXK translates gender fluidity in ‘unconventional bespoke clothing’. The little details are what win our hearts. Detachable sleeves, a hole on the back, multifunctional zippers, power shoulders, big pockets. We believe you will be just like us, waiting to see more of their transformation of classic British tailoring.


The brand’s tailoring is excellent. By their words, military and functionality and deconstruction are the three key words in the heart of the brand aesthetics. The whole notion of military comes from the clean and sleek lines and its color palettes. Dark shades like khaki, grey with seldom tints of bright colors. This kind of preference can be seen usually in the east Europe, which is rare among eastern designers. It gifts BESFXXK with more possibilities of working on international market.

The hardest part for the duo designers when working on their collection is — functionality. The more unconventional, more beautiful. However, on daily basis, unconventional looks can be much less wearable. The duo designers, in order to keep their creativity in the box for mass market, think of hundreds of ways to deconstruct their garments. What comes out as results are amazing. They not only produce cool and unique silhouettes but also provide multi ways to wear them.

Deconstruction, as a familiar contemporary fashion tool, has been quite popular among emerging designers. Of course, big brands like Alexander McQueen and Maison Margiela have set good models for the industry. The competition for emerging designers to carve their names is intense. Korean designer brands, working on deconstruction, has an exceptionally clean and simple allure, which can be traced back to their traditional aesthetic preference.

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