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As summer rapidly takes over, the demand for new wardrobe is surging. And there is good news in house for all the ladies who are addicted to simple but sophisticated look. Because Martin Grant has joined the current of private sale next week. Martin Grant is probably the brand, so far with the longest history among all the introduced designers in this column. Established in the early 1990s, it has been keeping up with the strong artistic fantasy employed in a pragmatic form.

This Paris-based, Australia-born designer has refined understanding of structure and volume. What is amazing about the brand is that when we go through their archives, we see designer is trying to create dialogues through the garments. The dialogues between imagination and concrets, past and present, body and space. They are open conversation for audience to interpret which doesn’t require an unanimous answer.

2017 Autumn/Winter Collection

In front of the dramatic scenery backdrop, clothes with timeless silhouettes are on offer. Slinky satin-striped dressier pieces, puff-shouldered tops, pink double-breasted jacket…Against Martin Grant’s take on garments as sculptural form, if we get closer to every piece, there are more to be noted. Skinny flares were trimmed through corduroy cape; shearling-like cream wool fabric; matt silver texture. The latest collection echoes the signature color palette but at the same time, adds more possibilities.

The ‘drama’ allure in this collection is more dense than before. Capes, hats, drastic colors like crimson red and dark blue. You can definitely put on them and go for an art event opening or a dreamy night. Surface embellishment is limitedly used thanks to the unwavering aesthetic vision of Martin Grant. He privileged ‘the plain’.

Martin Grant has worked with many celebrities and without doubt, generated a distinctive style of utilitarian outwears. There is always a vague vintage touch in the collections. Martin Grant women like to keep her style in a sophisticated simple way. And also they are bold. They admire the purity, stick to it and write their own code of trendy fashion.

Image Credit: Martin Grant Press Office

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