Designer to Watch | NYC Life in Perfect Disorder

by Olivia Deng

Touching on rebellious young spirits, Life in Perfect Disorder is a contemporary New York brand offering new products on monthly basis. It creates genderless silhouettes. Popular t-shirt slogan ‘Boys will be Girls, Girls will be Boys’ shows the concentrated core message.

Its bold message isn’t limited to gender fluidity. It also goes against the modern culture of consumption by producing limited quantity of high-quality goods. The signature details of their pieces include street piercings, raw edges and Riri zippers. Although they don’t have popular elements like cross-stitch embroideries, or sheer dresses, or frills and ruffles, the authentic NYC allure is what draws wide attention across streets from many fashion bloggers.

The Blond Salad (established by Chiara Ferragni) has collaborated with Life in Perfect Disorder to launch capsule collection including tops and caps. Also collaboration with other iconic names in fashion, like Milk Studios introduce more possibilities and dimensions to Life in Perfect Disorder. What remains essential is its boyish edge.

Street Addiction

Street fashion wear is easy to go with diverse matching options. An Illegal Tee can fit any kind of pants. A sportive bottoms shape up an effortless slothful look. They also have home goods like zippo lighter, aluminum apple box, statement mugs. Their pieces are also indicators of designer’s concern towards political instability. Its activism on justice, facts and gender is no secret. Since it’s all plain on the tees: Senate to Country: Drop Dead/ End Gun Violence.

Recently, Life in Perfect Disorder has been interested in playing with ‘pink’. Nowadays, the meaning of colors have been reinterpreted in various ways. Here, pink is not softness, either a candy dream. Instead, it is explosion and disobedience. Somehow, it shares similar vision with Pierpaolo Piccioli’s ‘pink is punk’.  It is very American and to some extent, underground.

White tees have always been the evergreen items in the wardrobe. But it has never been so popular since the craze over Dior’s feminism tee and Alessandro Michelle of Gucci’s logo tee. Street fashion has also never been so close to mainstream since more and more luxury brands team up with street icons. The meld of street fashion and humanism concern, without doubt, will continue winning customers’ hearts for Life in Perfect Disorder. They don’t need to create a wonderland. They stick to the ground of reality and shout out.

Image Credit: Life in Perfect Disorder press office

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