Designer to Watch | Leather-Based DROMe

by Olivia Deng

DROMe is, in designer’s word, a ‘playground’ to experiment with leather. Marianna Rosati, the creative director of DROMe, intends to carve the unexplored and omnipresent material, leather, as more than a classic biker jacket. For the 2017 Spring/Summer collection, she deployed colors and shades to add extra lightness on the main material of the brand. DROMe has refreshed the image of leather over the collections and seasons.

Marianna’s deep knowledge of leather and mastery skills of deconstructing and reshaping the material has everything to do with her father, Ferrero Rosati. Ferrero established a factory which developed leather for big brands including Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Céline. With decades of formidable family expertise, Marianna was given the chance, in the late 2009, to set up DROMe.

The ambition of Marianna Rosati of changing the way people see leather is on the cards. With rich colors and innovative cuts, leather can be transformed into any piece wearable on daily basis. And in the latest 2017 Fall/Winter collection, the designer has expanded into more fabrics. More perspectives and senses of DROMe have unveiled.

2017 Fall/Winter Collection

In Marianna’s mind, leather has enormous possibilities. It can be an armor for female chevaliers, or a burning fire of passion, or a sculptural streamlined form. She is far bolder than other players in exploring the textures, images and weight of this particular material. In this collection, DROMe continues to reinterpret leather.

Marianna once described the garments as ‘a second skin’. This exceptional expression reveals her artisanal fashion style. All the pieces are meticulously hand-made. The cuts and silhouettes have a French tone but the glamour to even simple pieces is exclusively Italian. In general, the aesthetic vision of DROMe is minimal and sophisticated. And of course, all the surfaces and linear shapes have been revamped with leather.

However, what truly makes DROMe so recognizable is how its designs retain the delicate and soft lustre with leather. Marianna’s command of the material has redefined its image which is generally considered as hard and cool. Of course, a sense of rebellious is always there. But all the details have blended right in for high-quality simplicity.

DROMe is, so far in our column, the designer brand which has opened the gates in Asia, Europe and America. You can find it in Shanghai, Seoul, NYC, Toronto etc. Furthermore, it has also gained a lot of recognition within the industry. It is definitely a brand capable of taking the world to a subversive but compelling journey.

Image Credits: DROMe Press Office

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