Designer to Watch | Hand-made Contour Accessories

by Olivia Deng
Designer to Watch | Hand-made Contour Accessories

With a development course of 6 years, Contour comes into our sight with rising halo. Presented in several major jewelry exhibitions around the world, Contour is built up by two experienced designers, Lior Shulak-Hai and Galit Barak. Attention across borders from Barcelona, Beijing, Israel has been laid on this handmade jewelry label. And it has also excelled in top jewelry contests such as ITS (International Talent Support) in Italy.

Solid gold is designers’ preferred material. The luster and color of gold is crafted by Contour to the level of ‘simple’ sophistication. When we say simple, we are trying to describe the feeling of lightness of their design contrast to the stereotype of bulky heavy gold accessories. Gold has been transformed and retaken the stage of modern adornments in recent years. It is of a more accessible image and is as wearable as silver. But with unspoken sense, gold is imbedded with more artistic weight.

Contour studio design

Contour design has a sense of high-class texture. Probably due to their signature geometric lines inspired by Tel Aviv city landscape. In the latest collection ‘Ornaments’,  the shadow of Bauhaus movement is profound. Generally, elements are put together with a clean and minimal touch. Their refreshing take on balancing contrasts also excites our curiosity towards the horizon line of Tel Aviv. Since the designers believe Bauhaus buildings remain the essence of the city urban look.

The efforts of Contour to strike a balance between tough and tender, Bauhaus functionality and luxury decoration add another dimension to feminine in celebration of luminous simplicity. We are fascinated by such decorative items which deal with conflicts with extra aesthetic visions. Every hand-made piece is a statement of the wearer. Women who wear Contour are modern, curious and classic.

Bauhaus movement was everywhere in 30s and 40s but still in strong force nowadays. With such architectural culture as background, surely Contour is also going for a more eternal beauty instead of trendy fashion. Fine craftsmanship is what realizes their unique aesthetic vision. Hand-made pieces always give an impression of fusing thoughts bit by bit into metal with care and caution. Thus they are more precious in terms of brand sincerity except for the input hours.

Image Credits: Contour studio press office

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