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Recent fashion market has seen various elements back to the current which used to be regarded as outdated in the grandma’s wardrobe. They may present themselves with a naturally vintage air. Or they flesh out in the street fashion. Without doubt, they are becoming the cult pieces. Gold Philosophy from New York City has built its reputation around pearl and gold. Yes, with the nowadays trendy element from the ‘past’–pearl.

The sisters, Ting Lee and Katy Lee, are the designers behind Gold Philosophy. Following the treasure hunt traces of their father in the childhood, they are addicted to the timelessness and the gloss of pearl. There is a strong sense of dynamics and youth when they mingle pearl with 18k gold. Their pieces are utterly wearable. You can feel free to wear one piece one time. Or you can layer with a few. More importantly, you can pair up with basically any outfits.

Here with Gold Philosophy, you see no distant shadows of Chanel. The whole notion of coolness of the brand comes from the little details and shapes of each piece. The open mouth design shapes of rings make up an unfinished loop. This will ease the heaviness if you layer up. But of course, still in elegance. In addition, their designs see no limits. Gold Philosophy doesn’t limit itself to any regular popular shapes. But there is one implied rule. They fit the body part in a glorious way.


Recently, Gold Philosophy has cooperated with fashion blog to launch the collection VIVALUXURY X Gold Philosophy. It is perfect to style up in this summer. Ripped jeans, sheer tops. All the basic and popular garments this season can easily go with this cooperative collection. Compared to regular collections of Gold Philosophy, this glamorous limited edition is for those who always prefer bigger jewelry decorations.

Interestingly noted, there is no nostalgia you can find through out their collections, although gold and pearl are the main materials. ‘More is more’ is the appliance manual. The twin sister wants to convey the positive messages of their jewelry pieces. Juxtapose to the pleasing effect. Not to please anyone but selves. This sweet and dynamic brand has gained vast popularity and surely will win more hearts with their Instagram friendly designs.

Image Credit: Gold Philosophy press office

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