Designer to Watch | Futuristic TESSUN minimalism

Designer to Watch | Futuristic TESSUN minimalism

by Olivia Deng

Graduating from one of the most prestigious fashion schools of the world, ESMODE, Tess Sun established his namesake brand in Paris in 2016. The brand is so new and ‘clean’ that we understand it completely with our own insights, trying to interpret its messages. With aesthetic vision on futuristic details and minimalist structure, TESSUN captured our attention with merely one collection. Themed as ‘An Adventure in Iceland’, this collection is both experimental and modern.

An Adventure in Iceland

With backdrop of Iceland, the space is enormous and so, somehow the time freezes. The post-modern ambiance of the lookbook seizes another side of the beautiful getaway Iceland. It also presents the aesthetic pursuit of TESSUN to modify classic feminine. The general oversized and clean, simple color palette gift each look with an alien air. The model in TESSUN is not like a voyageur from other continents. She is more like an indigenous creature, mysterious and beautiful in a contemporary way.

This collection is a continuous study following its 2017 spring/summer collection. ss2017: KEEP CALM & aw2017: PLAY DEAD. Colors are monotonous though these two collections. In ‘An Adventure in Iceland’, only two colors are tinted:  white and dark green. The way to present collections and how it titles them are fairly interesting. No matter how life and world change, there are always something being still. They are timeless topics. And they have unlimited power. From the details and the key word ‘calm’ and ‘dead’, designer has put in certain ‘uncertainty’ and ‘turbulence’ into pieces. But in front of the grand background, it all cools down.

With merely two seasons, TESSUN has gained international buyers’ support. It now sales in Ukraine and China. TESSUN is quite eclectic. With german-ish cut, Parisian innovative silhouette and modernly oriental heart. It is going to be a slow-burning power in contemporary fashion landscape. This sense of distant familiarity reminds us of the remarks of Stephen Hawking: Science is beautiful when it makes simple explanations of phenomena or connections between different observations. And for us, fashion is beautiful when it can communicate with customers regardless of languages, borders, races and colors.

Image Credit: TESSUN Press Office

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