Designer to Watch | A Vujà dé experience

by Olivia Deng

Thanks to Ting’s mixed background of China and Canada, there is a sense of weird melange of Vujà dé. In an approved fascinating way. Ting was selected in the Top 50 designers in the 2014 Art of Fashion Competition. With pursuit of breaking rules and banality of dressing experiences, she established Vujà dé in 2016. ‘Vujà dé’ derives from ‘déjà vu’, which means an entirely new experience under an expectedly familiar situation.

Vujà dé is daring and full of imagination. It is designed for women between 20 to 45 who are sick of existing fashion codes. Vujà dé provides an experience which casts basic material into creative new light. The first collection ‘When I was young’ resonates the time when we tried on the clothes of adults.

When I was young

The fabrics are nothing strange to the mass. While the emotions behind every piece brings the brand aesthetic to life. Stripes and white shirt play the major part. Oversized silhouette plays out idea of misrepresentation. When we were children, we sneaked into mother’s high heels. We slipped into the adult’s wardrobes. Looking into the mirror, the outfits could not match with our small bodies.

Later, when we were adolescents. We wanted to grow up to be closer to adults. Not only dressing but also mentally. We tried to play cool. We wanted to gain attention by being different. In the world of child and youth, you see yourselves simultaneously innocent and quirky. The bond of this collection and customers is, without doubt, strong.

The appearance of shirts, vests, skirts or ties is meant to be worn as another kind of clothing: coats, dresses, or bras. With such deliberate ‘wrong’ design, multiple possibilities of dressing are open. You can do the role play when you were young. Use it as an imaginative time machine and escape from current time and space. Also many pieces are unisexual. Every gender is welcomed on board.

Although Vujà dé just set out its journey, the brand has a young, wild and free philosophy. And at the same time, extraordinary artistic taste blends right in. We are always attached to fashion brand with an artistic spirit. Reviewing its first collection is like looking through a kaleidoscope. You refresh your childhood memory with a touch of ‘Vujà dé’. We look forward to more of Vujà dé-accented imagination.

Image Credits: Vujà dé press office

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