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Among a plethora of  emerging designers, a noticeable brand name with an attractive profile always serves as a wonderful start for gaining attention. Anna October has the both. When we first received the catalog of Anna October, we got the instant refreshing image filled with flowery aroma. With such strong curiosity, we encountered the one of semifinalists of 2014 LVMH prize.

The playful feminism style of Anna October naturally attracts women customers from different ages. With its clean silhouette and distinctive details, no wonder it can communicate with women from diverse backgrounds successfully. From the very first season, it has gained attention of international press. To name a few, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, I-D.  From 2014, the year Anna October was established, a new emotional experience has been paved.

Fall Winter 2017/2018 Collection

The artistic inspiration of Anna October collections usually starts from classic stories or heated tales from the screen. The latest season of FW 2017/2018 took the exciting and sexy elements from ‘9 1/2 Weeks’. Elizabeth McGraw, the heroine in the film, threw herself into a sex and love affair with a man she barely knew. She was lonely so she loved fiercely. Being inspired by the heroine’s quirky and elegant style, Anna October added more dimension on the aesthetic aspect. As a result, sophistication takes place of erotism.

The palette of this latest collection, in general, is tint of bright colors among deep and calm hues. Elements like retro red and colorful dots offer the consistent Anna October vibe — pleasant and joyful. If we separate pieces, we will discover details imbedded with the changing attitude of the designer. To epitomize the signature innocence of the brand, a patchwork mohair sweater was presented. Along with the naїve look, collarbone-revealing corset top and more sharp striped tailoring garments were created.  A complete wardrobe for modern women is the main narration of FW 2017/2018 collection.

We indulge ourselves in Anna October’s luxury craftsmanship of slinky touches, thick ruffles and layers of chiffon. It’s modern and graceful. Throughout the past fashion weeks, we realize the aesthetic visions of Ukrainian designers are becoming more and more popular. We have also been introduced to other Ukrainian designers, not just Anna October. Some other brands choose to produce in Ukraine.  We are sure to see more middle european accent on the global stage.

Photo credits: More Dash Showroom press office; Anna October press office


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