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The arrival of Ukrainian-Belgian brand FLOW the Label in the More Dash showroom excited us instantly. There was a sense of sexy romanticism to the 2017 autumn/winter collection that echoed French New Wave style. Exactly, the inspiration for designer Viktoria Balaniuk came from the romantic drama film Two English Girls (directed by François Truffaut). The late Victorian era’s styles of heroines, who pursued freer personal life than the level which  the society allowed, enlightened Viktoria.

Light blouses with stiffened collars and voluminous sleeves, paired with jacket boots give a modest yet reserved sexy look. High-waisted pencil skirts matching sleek silk tops tie the whole collection back to 70s. Other pieces like blue cotton dress in rustic style, coffee-colored sarafan, bodice with ruffles, bared-shoulder tops, demin and laces. The overall impression of this collection is not only classic and vintage but wantonly modern.

FLOW the Label

The latest collection extends the brand DNA as always: femininity, lightness and unobtrusive female sexuality. FLOW the Label was established in 2014 by two sisters Viktoria and Veronika. FLOW the Label pieces are always encased in crisp hues which shapes refreshing and cool looks. They try to create, or rather cater to a kind of women who aren’t allured by so called ‘trendy looks’ in the fashion nowadays. Abandoning social widespread expectations and listening to inner voice is FLOW way for self-realization.

The neat colors and inspiring prints have successfully won places for FLOW out of Benelux countries and Eastern Europe. It actively took part in Paris Fashion Week, Ukrainian Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion ays Kiev and Tbilisi. The cool modern FLOW women charm customers across borders. They are intelligent, confident and aesthetically sensitive.

The philosophy behind the brand name is now plain to see. FLOW tells the story of the women who know who they are and take their place still and strongly in the changing world like today. There is no room for excessive, trendy fashion taste. Harmony merging past with present is an amazing outlook towards the world and of course, beauty. Some may say our choices define who we are. But FLOW the Label believes our past makes who we are.


Image Credits: More Dash Showroom, FLOW the Label press office


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