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The invitation for AW2017/2018 comeforbreakfast presentation in Milan Fashion Week was like a piece of newspaper that you would pick up in the morning. A big profile picture of a woman dressed in violet, lying on the table gave us the first impression of the brand. Clean and effortless.

‘Unsuitable’ Project

The latest collection is inspired by its ‘unsuitable’ project launched in 2016. The project laid eyes on ten women  in New York. Designers got to know them during their travels. Their personalities and attitudes naturally made them muses of the brand. Designers pulled off a collection tailored to these 10 women and shot them in the New York street. This project presents what ‘unsuitable’ means for women or in more general sense, what does it mean to ordinary people in the daily life.



The AW2017/2018 collection extends the vision of ‘unsuitable’ project. Distinct silhouettes and minimalists designs aim to redefine urban women daily wardrobe. Brand DNA is also plain to see in this collection. Twist of classic and ultra-modern with eclectic aesthetic vision. A precise poetic touch is added to their sporty casual wears.

The careful selection and mix-and-match of fabrics gifts knitwear with an unique accent. The leather twisted belt looks like a small naughty toy to light up the overall look or you can also say, give an extra masculine touch to the shade of color. The palette of this collection is simple: mustard yellow, pale rose, black and other seasonal tones. 

When we walked into the showroom, with a ray of sunlight across the window, the collection definitely served as morning pleasure. Simple silhouette with thoughtful details. Already fallen in love with its effortless looks. Since 2010, the year comeforbreakfast was established, designers have dedicated to creating a cosmopolitan approach to fashion with versatile combinations and perfect fits. This collection comes with oversized coats but with a belt to jump on hourglass line.

‘Unsuitable’ contrast between fine fabrics like silk, satin and three-dimensional threads of casentino and cashmere. It’s not hard to imagine, comfierbreakfast women walk on the city streets, comfortably and confidently. They may stop by for a cup of coffee on the morning road to work. Or they simply wander around the corners of the city to enjoy life or enjoy being alive.

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