Designer to Watch | Arshys from The Middle East

Arshys from The Middle East

Compared to popular western-dominated aesthetics about beauty, Arshys, from Dubai, comes out with different air and attraction. In the world which jumps on diversity, Arshys’ experimental cuts with luxe fabrics win international eyes. Although the background of the brand may give it an exotic accent, the brand targets at all the women across borders who are independent and highly achieved.


Designer to Watch

The latest Peace Collection 2017 shimmered glory of feminism.


Utilitarian, comfortable and fashionable are on the cards of this collection. When we separate pieces, they are all easy-to-wear. With graffiti-print slogans this season, Arshys joins the fashion force to call for women’s rights. Sharply tailored Japanese cotton jumpsuits, flared pants with buttoned up shirts, draped scarves, oversized coats. Though we have expected something different, we didn’t realize what kind of chemistry could happen when quirky aesthetic collided with men’s fashion, specifically military.

Digitally drawn and graffiti-print messages are juxtaposed in a funny manner all over the garments. Over the straps around the waist, on the tops, on the vast area of mid-skirts, on the detachable sleeves. Messages of peace and love are reinforced. Not just the patterns are telling stories, the color palette does the same. Flashes of sun yellow, navy blue, red stripes. You know they are often seen on flags. Yes, they represent love, freedom and peace.

Details are meticulously made but it’s easy for audience to overlook them. Because the designer presented this collection in such an easy ambiance. It is the core philosophy of Arshys. It shuffles up disciplines to set up its own rules. It mixes ordinary things in a unique and disruptive way. It outfits modern women with trendy elements but not in a ‘universal’ way. Arshys’ women are of sleek and strong silhouettes.

But industry experts have clearly seen the uniqueness of the brand. It has been awarded with Emerging Talent winner at Dubai Fashion Week, Swarovski Arabian Creation Innovation award. In addition, it has been selected and sponsored by various organizations. It now sells though some of well-known fashion outlets across the UAE. She has kept her track record and surely is heading for the globe.

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