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DÉFILÉ DU JOUR| Shiatzy Chen SPRING/SUMMER Return of the Little Mermaid


DÉFILÉ DU JOUR| Shiatzy Chen SPRING/SUMMER 2015 #PFW Rose-SmithThe mermaid trend shows up again for our DÉFILÉ DU JOUR| Shiatzy Chen SPRING/SUMMER 2015 #PFW DAY 8. The Sport Chic trend is trending on the runways again from New York to Paris, designers have found inspirations from the beautiful legends, stories and tales about mermaids.

The printed pieces by Shiatzy Chen are what gave it away.   The prints looked like canvases of watercolour paintings of mermaids in mermaid land. For a collection entitled Under the Sea. The designer believes the ocean is rich with life energy and beautiful legends. The Shiatzy Chen SPRING/SUMMER 2015 collection brings the tales of these marine legends from both the East and West together on to the runway.  The collection is for girls who colour only, because their wardrobe is their rainb


Paris SS15The modern day Venus the goddess that ruled navigation and harvest in Greek mythology, said to be born of sea and foam walked the catwalk and the details of her birth were the little detail of embellishments on garments.   This was the key piece of the myth to take note of on the Shiatzy Chen SPRING/SUMMER 2015 collection. She rose up from the tides in a seashell while covered in lights of magical colours. This part of the myth we see in the forms of kaftans, tops and over sized matching tunic ensembles.  The designer, wants to make a women feel like a goddess in all shapes and sizes with pieces catering to the body of a real mermaid.


The Colour Palette: pale yellow/pure white/pink/marine black/coral red aquamarine/nave/ fuchsia/bright green/ glittering embellishments of mixed material and nude shades.


Silhouette: Sleek and clean-cut cropped jackets, outfits with partial twinning effects, layered bottoms, A-line shapes and slips in Chinese bellyband styles. Garments were made from cord-embroidered lace, silk prints, spun-lace jacquards, athletic mesh fabrics, herringbone knits in brought colours and PVC.


Paris SS15Accessory Time: Handbags with patchworks of leather and acrylic. There were Hand-painted handbags with prints of the underwater world. Fine jewellery in the shape of the mermaid with pearls as the embellishments. Must have pieces Jellyfish pendent necklaces and the athletic platform flip flop sandals.


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Photos by Rudy de Monteiro

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