by Charlotte Smith

Georges Chakra is a Beirut-based Lebanese Haute Couture fashion designer. The designer brought the spirit of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to the Haute Couture runways of Paris, gloves included. The collection prompted memories of debutant balls and coming out parties. It was the little things that made the collection of to the floor gowns, halter-neck dresses, cut out dresses and the finale bride not wearing the traditional white, but a baby chick yellow

GEORGES CHAKRA – Southern Belle

 DÉFILÉ DU JOUR| GEORGES CHAKRA COUTURE SPRING SUMMER 2015 PARIS Southern Belle To unveil his new collection Haute Couture Summer 2015 Georges Chakra chose the Palais de Tokyo to display his secret floral garden to his client’s. For nearly fifteen years, the designer renews his creations by celebrating femininity and refinement. And this latest collection is no exception, quite the contrary. Whether silky dresses with coats gazar, finely embroidered strapless dress with sequins or tulle skirt with delicate satin, each piece celebrates the spring inspiration both light and sweet. With a soft palette brightened with silver details, floral and by the sea shades of summer, Mediterranean blues, blood red orange and sea greens. The models came dressed and hair done in a 60’s style swinging ponytails. Georges Chakra style here is present, but renewed while subtlety. A style that has already attracted many personalities to fashion yet varied affinities but playing brand ambassadors on the red carpet. Still sharing the desire to honour their femininity, Jerry Hall, Jennifer Lopez and most recently, Miss France Camille Cerf, are among the muses of this house.This collection is not only for the flirtations “MrsRobinson” types, but also for the sweet Southern Belle who likes a little something body-hugging. In colours and fishtails only a mermaid could love. The collection got a little lost going from sweet debutante to sexy socialite, yet we have some Red Carpet items.

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Photos: Darrel Hunter @ www.modehunter.co.uk


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