Dead Rabbit

Eco Friendly If you haven’t already heard, living on the edge with Eco Friendly textiles. Eco fashion and living are all the rage in: designers are flocking to offer eco friendly options in their new designs.

Madame Stella McCartney is leading the ball with vegan designs and beauty products fit that are good for you without damaging the environment. Check out her floral shopping bag and engraved platform sandals. Her newly launched site carries the whole range:

If you want less name and logo dropping in your eco friendly threads, why not give Dead Rabbit a try? This range of active wear is anti-logo, styled for men and women in sustainable materials. Simple designs and innovative cuts make them very wearable.

Dead Rabbit challenges the existing notions of “Good Old”
sportswear style, and retains inocences and freshness.
The logo: mysterious, futuristic and dealer in dreams. The
brand: simple, with innovative cuts, eco-friendly fabrics
and most importantly wearable.
Dead Rabbit reflects the energy of a new urban
society and encompasses today’s contemporary
technological lifestyle.

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