Dating Advice: Tips to keep yourself occupied so you won’t call/text him

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Dating Advice: Tips

We are back the weather is getting better and the dating game is about to pick up with some much needed dating advice. One of the main problems when dating and you like the person is not to spaz out and text, snapchat  and call them too much. Or whenever you have a free moment.  I believe it depends on their sign and the compatibility of your’s and there’s.


What do you think? I have been actively dating for long over a year now and have come up with some great tips to keep yourself occupied so you will not call or text him. If you are on a dating app to meet someone then you are lazy like the most.  Even though it is a great way to meet people my first tip is to put your Snapchat profile on these apps and then stop swiping. It really works, you cannot imagine how many cuties popped up on my feed. Great confidence boost.

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Since I put my Snapchat profile on dating apps I have not been back there was no need to.  Yet, I do still have a problem with DM’s and texting too much sometimes. What I found was I had to stop looking for dates.  Yes, let them come to you.

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Another tip is set at a 3-day limit. Don’t contact him for 3 days and see what happens.  Even though most men don’t want a social media relationship or text message relationship, if you do not contact them for three days, they are like “wait a minute what is she doing and where did she go.”  Read a book!   Get lost in the pages of something funny as time passes, turn off your phone.


I also recommend to stop posting on social media for 3 days, let them wonder where you are at and what you are up too.  Another trick is the 15-minute limit.  If they text you back take your time at least 15 minutes. 


Next tip get a life, finding something to do get fit.  The revenge body is worth it and summer is coming. Post that to social media, you don’t have time to text cause you are working on your body. Which is a totally a turn on.

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Go hang out with your friends and stop talking about looking for love or your friend’s engagement.  Have some real girl time where you and your friends are not bitching about men or your boyfriend. Be women and roar, turn up and get lit its girls night. Post that I am out with the girls, then maybe tomorrow you will have an about last night post.

In the end, the best advice is to find a hobby. Not only does it distract you from social media it distracts you from your phone. It also helps boost your confidence. If you were amazing when you started looking for love, imagine how you will be once love finds you.  Cause we all want to love with no limits and no headaches. If you are not good with yourself how can you have a healthy relationship? I feel many of us are in lust, not love.


Currently looking for love, still no title but have options. Too busy to care!  Would love to hear about your tips and experiences. Drop a note below. 

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