Date Idea London | Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel & Spa

Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel & Spa

Want to up your online dating game? We have a new ideal London Hotspot for a date, with the ultimate location for both men and women. Now just sit back and enjoy the cocktails at the K West Hotel.  I simply adore the WestEnd.

I often travel to London on business to enjoy a break from Paris. It’s the opportunity to also meet up with the London Team and friends to have a laugh. This time our destination was the K West Hotel & Spa, for a little Glam rock & roll Afternoon Tea.


Date Idea London | Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel & Spa

London Lux on A Budget

Okay now, table booked for the Glam Rock Afternoon tea.  We were ready for our day of London Lux on a budget.  When again the ladies and I started talking life dating and more blah, blah, blah.  If you are in a relationship and  or on the dating scene, we concluded this is a cool place to take a date for some private time.  As well as your mom for a little fun. 

The atmosphere is family friendly too.  The dining and cocktail areas were spacious enough for kids,  as wells as calm and sexy enough for a intimate meeting. The lovely international hotel staff  receive you with a smile.  Often offering light conversation while you wait for  your welcoming drink.   When they introduce the Glam Rock Tea menu, this is the ideal time to give them  your password. 


Date Idea London | Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel & Spa

The Menu



MINI TARTS: Bocconcini and Pesto in pesto shell Grilled Beef and Mustard in black wheat charcoal tart Chicken and Mayonnaise in beetroot shell Shrimp and Sweet Chilli in gold semolina shell ORGANIC PINWHEEL SANDWICHES: Mozzarella and Pesto on sundried tomato bread Honey Roast Ham and Mustard Mayonnaise on spinach bread Smoked Salmon and Philadelphia on golden cornbread *All can be done on GF bread as canapés for gluten-free option

London Lux Tinder Date Idea

OHHHH SWEET CHILD OF MINE Selection of Red Fruit Macaroons: cherry, blackcurrant, redcurrant and blackberry White Chocolate Nougat Lollipops GF Dark Chocolate Nougat Mini-Sandwiches Wild Berry Scones clotted cream and homemade jams Hibiscus Turkish Delights GF Vanilla and Malden Sea Salt Cream Cheese in strawberry sprinkled chocolate cones Nutella and Mascarpone on Peruvian maize bread Chocolate “Smörgåstårta” Sandwich Cake *They offer gluten-free scones.
Date Idea London | Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel & Spa

The clientele is  mix of both hip fashionistas and chic families. You could wear heels or trendy sneaker here. We all wore sneakers, because it was a long afternoon.  Our afternoon tea rendezvous vous was mid point to Westfield London, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, The Apollo, Notting Hill, and Portobello. 

We embraced the couples, ladies lunching after spa appointments and large families around us. All enjoying the tasty delights and some bubbles on offer. It was kinda of cute to watch and listen to the conversations around us. There was a couple who seemed to be on their first date and they were having fun.  Yeah for love!

After hanging out and chatting with the staff, of our new London Hotspot. We decided if you ever needed to get out of an awkward date, the staff would be ready to aide in the escape. Just give the bartender your sign on your way to the ladies room.


Date Idea London | Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel & Spa

The dating is gong super well then book a table for their Rock ‘n’ Cocktails Midnight Tea (Between 10pm and 12am in Studio Bar, Sunday – Thursday).  A great place if you just want to get dolled up and  silly with the girls over some good old Rock’n’roll before a night out in London.  Whatever happens in London stays in London.

Photo Credit: Darrel Hunter

Afternoon tea at K West Hotel & Spa

Richmond Way

London W14 0AX

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