Dashing Diva – Dashing Nails in 30 sec

by Supapit Saikaew

I love having nail painted in gel color because it is beautiful and has long-lasting effect. But of course, it is quite expensive to get nails done at nail salon every single time. Plus, I am quite busy nowadays that I don’t have enough time to go to the nail salon. These are no longer my problems; once I know about Dashing Diva Magic Press.  Dashing Diva These fake nails are my lifesaver.  Even though, Dashing Diva Magic Press are fake (nails), they don’t look fake at all. They look fabulous and very easy to use. They come with ready-to-use glue on each nail; no need to wait for the glue to dry. One box provides 30 pieces in different sizes. I mix two boxes together to make them even more dashing. I chose the metallic and the black designs. I then measured them with my nail’s size and put them in order so that I don’t forget. Dashing Diva The next step is to use the pre pad to clean each nail before applying the magic press. This prep pad will get rid of any residue making the fake nails last-longer. Dashing Diva Before putting the nails on, you need to remove the plastic film off. You will see the area of the glue. Dashing Diva Press Dashing Diva onto your desired nail. Dashing Diva Voila! You now get the dashing nail just like you went to the nail salon. Dashing Diva Here are the complete look. In Thailand, you can buy Dashing Diva Magic Press online through Dashing Diva Thailand Facebook Fanpage or you can buy in from EveandBoy store. The price per box is 490 Baht which is equal to 14 euros depending on the currency rate. I’m not sure they have it in Paris or not. But if you come to Thailand and you are in love with beautiful nails. Don’t forget to shop Dashing Diva Magic Press before you fly back home. Want to see the other designs? Watch showcase video from C Channel.

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