Astrological Footprint – MARCH,1st, 2017 VIOLENCE ALERT


Complicated day with Neptune and SUN in their annual conjunction in Pisces. Disillusionment, deception and escapism. How can we deal? Fight for justice, although it is difficult to prove that mistakes have occurred. It is a day that tends to use force, in a society that already feels oppressed and disrespected. The sensible ones should interfere in the disputes. Earth signs are essential for the day to end without the use of firearms or white guns. #VIRGO # CAPRICORN #TAURUS must calm the spirits all over the Planet and bring people to consciousness. The alert for violence is severe and invades the 01st and 02nd of March according to the time zone of each region. This aggressiveness comes to light as a result of the transformation that occurred in the February eclipses. Each sign is affected in one sector and, when Uranus and Mars meet, the rebellious instinct appears. Knowing this, we emanate #PEACE to the whole Planet and wisdom to the Rulers. All signs must quiet down!

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