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The StyleCartel Weekly Love and Stars Horoscopes 16th ~22nd JAN,2017

#MONDAY,6th, #Moon in CANCER, comes with sunshine set to Mercury. The brain thinks right. The focus is clear. The day works well after 9:30 AM GMT. Be prepared for delays when moving to work or school. Problems in trains, subways, roads and floods complicate the dawn, but then everything goes well. It is a day of success and fulfillment. A healing process begins in Kiron that helps strengthen health. There is more vital energy until the 9th.

The artists stay awake at dawn in activity and all those who created projects like #arquitets #designers #sculptors #painters #musicians #writers #poets feel their head populate with so many ideas. For these, insomnia is certain. The best time of the day is 6:30 PM GMT Stock exchanges should have a moderate and stable week. There is opportunity for profit with security. The American market accepts Trump’s speech well, but his Achilles heel reveals itself once again: protectionism to the family. As the Moon is reactive, any provocation becomes a drama for the media. 

All Signs On This Monday Signs in a good mood today

CANCER Horoscopes

#TUESDAY,7th, Moon in CANCER, is the best day of the week to act on business and personal issues. Guaranteed success and openness.

#WEDNESDAY,8th, Moon in Cancer, with difficult communication and restrictions on social bonds. Better to keeo to yourself. Saturn gets in the way at noon.

LEO Horoscopes

#THURSDAY,9th, Moon in Leo, it’s a messy day until 3PM GMT. Communication does not advance and people do not understand each other well. Things get better at dusk and business flows at the end of the day.

#FRIDAY,10th, Has the finger of God at 4 AM GMT. The moment we are submissive to destiny. The day is very good for justice and #lawyers thrive. Great night for conversations and forgiveness.

ALERT of Violence for days 6 and 8.


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