StyleCartel Daily Astrological Footprint Horoscopes NOVEMBER 21st

The  StyleCartel Daily Astrological Footprint Horoscopes NOVEMBER 21st.

Congratulations, Sagittarius.   Monday is marked by the entrance of the Sun in Sagittarius and we are encouraged.

Horoscopes NOVEMBER 21st

Our animal side speaks loudly, our instincts and courage mark the behavior. The fire element is active and the desire for everything that is new is in our daily life. Rides, adventures, parties and joy mark the monthly period.

The dawn is marked by the change from the Moon  to Virgo and in the Waning phase. It is a day full of activities and energy.

The detailed side of the Moon makes us strive for perfection. Service providers and technicians must offer meticulous and perfect service. Mars charges  our responsibilities.

If the mission is accomplished, there will be no problems today. Perfect Tuesday for business meetings after 7PM GMT. Good luck! The week is very good, but there are restrictions on Thursday. It will not be an easy day, so empty the agenda. On Friday, turbulence and changes in love. Pluto sweeps relationships.

As the Moon is waning, take the opportunity to reorganize your life, your home, your business, analyze data, and do not start new things. Good time to drain body fluids and lose weight.



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