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Daily Astrological Footprint 

Horoscopes for Sunday February, 5th  MOON in GEMINI and two Yods mark the Sunday sky. Complicated! The Yods mark the fatalities. They are called The Hand of God. Between Noon and 8PM GMT, the ideal is to maintain a quiet routine.   Capricorn Horoscopes

FEBRUARY, 5th by Claudia Vannini

Avoid exaggerations, confrontation with rules and laws and exposure of your material resources. Less is more on this day. Our resource, in the midst of a YOD, is to use the force of Mercury. Let’s use Mercury well in Capricorn. The focused mind, anchored in the Earth element.   Capricorn   Think right, watch the events well and do not get carried away by the news. Moon in Gemini has no filter. We speak our thoughts and not always think first. At that time, we have to stick our feet in the ground and connect with the ecosystem. We are part of the Cosmos. Nothing shakes us when we are in this vibration. All Signs can have surprises in this day. Be happy on Earth NAMASTE_/\_ email pegadaastrologica@gmail.comFollow @pegadaastrologica or

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