Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint Horoscopes February 26th & The Week Ahead

Daily Astrological Footprint Horoscopes February 26th & The Week Ahead

Horoscopes, NEW #MOON in Pisces and ECLIPSE SOLAR at 1h52PM.  Time to close the doors to the past. Inappropriate behaviors want to return. People of the past reappear for a final test.

FEB, 26th, 2017

Horoscopes Pink It’s like a last evaluation. Are we ready to evolve? Eclipse affects affective, commercial relationships and shakes up society. The result we intend to see in August, 2017, has to be planted now in today’s New Moon.   If nothing is done, two events may occur: everything will be as it is because the Solar Eclipse will keep the old routine or life will do for you what you refuse to face. The best way to deal with Eclipse is to understand that it is a unique opportunity to turn the game around. Remove what has no chance of growth in your life and plant true seeds in this New Moon. See how your #SIGN will be affected in the next 6 months and GOOD ECLIPSE! Horoscopes


The past is before your eyes. Insights, dreams, memories and karmic waste call for solutions on the material plane. The ideal is to look into the past and forgive the mistakes, connecting with the Cosmic Plane in a close manner.   #TAURUS   You re-evaluate your groups and friends. You can be called to take up a position or rejoin a community. Make sure you want the past back. Otherwise, do not be afraid to seek out new groups or companies.   #GEMINI   Eclipse shakes your career. Your profession goes through transformation. Cut down what has been good in the past, but that does not generate financial return. Accept proposals of work with fraternal brothers. Your vital energy returns to normal.   #CANCER   You feel the impact of this Eclipse. Your stomach becomes frail with nausea and abdominal discomfort. Rest. You have changes in finances and the way you make money. It’s time to reorganize investments and expenses.



Great spiritual changes and encounters with strong themes like life, death and rebirth. The contact with the impermanence of the Being causes you to restructure your beliefs, your faith and abandon the past at once. Share your power.   #VIRGO   People get out your life. This Eclipse affects marriages and partners. What is unstable may end. Even ending an affective relationship, you are in the spotlight and new loves may come at the end of the month. Be open.   #LIBRA    The Eclipse of the 26th affects your health and your daily life. Some changes occur in your routine and your workplace changes. Take care of the Urinary System and only invest your capital in safe subjects. Avoid promises of easy winnings.   #SCORPIO    The Eclipse of the 26th moves your creativity, but it affects your children and children around. Keep them safe and make time for them. Be close. Secrets are revealed. Your health is firm to withstand the surprises.   #SAGITTARIUS   This Eclipse is strong for you. It affects your home, your relatives and the subjects that are more delicate. Give more attention to your parents and, if necessary, make the changes at the Home. Repairs and works are part of the month. Emotions oscillate.   #CAPRICORN    The Solar Eclipse is gentle for you. It moves your communication, your written expression and the way you speak. Dedicate yourself to communicate the facts wisely and choose the best times for it. Your brothers need you more.   #AQUARIUS    This Eclipse shakes your finances. Organize your expenses and reshape your life. Eliminate the superfluous. It seems that something has been lost, but it is the necessary transformation to a new form of prosperity. His vitality returns to normal.   #PISCES   Changes in love. A new relationship or the return of a partner from the past marks this Eclipse. There is no way to be alone. You look like a magnet that attracts partners to your life. Modify habits so that the year is productive and healthy. Be happy on Earth NAMASTE_/\_ Follow @pegadaastrologica or

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