Daily Astrological Footprint Horoscopes 17th May, 2017

Style Cartel Horoscopes for 17th May

Wednesday horoscopes  with 2 different paths! In one of them, we enter the Neptunian world. It is a place of creation, depth, nostalgia and chimerical scenarios. On the other hand, the Disseminating Moon in Aquarius opens doors to the future and calls:

– Let’s go?MAY, 17th, 2017 


There is much to be done up there. Look at how much you planted and harvested! Shall we spread the results and share the good news?

You choose which path you want. I’ll choose the Aquarian way. New doors and, behind them, always a perfect surprise. Neptune try not to feel hurt, I carry in my suitcase the marks of the lessons learned.


After 3PM, good time to tread paths of transformation. Maximum fattening period. Cut hair now increases in volume.

#PISCES #SAGITTARIUS #TAURUS #CANCER should control the desire to walk in the chimeras.

#LEO #LIBRA #ARIES  #CAPRICORN should train flexibility in thinking.

#SCORPIO #VIRGO #GEMINI #AQUARIUS can speculate on profits.
Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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