Dafna's New Skincare Line

Dafna’s New Skincare Line

by Gosia Krajewski

BEAUTY – Dafna’s New Skincare Line

Based in Madrid, aromatherapist Dafna Shaham has worked in collaboration with scientists to combine Ayurvedic principles & essential oils with innovative biotechnology in this nature-meets-science graceful-ageing skincare range which has been formulated with super-charged natural bio-active ingredients.

Embodying the philosophy ‘Beyond Skin Deep’, the unique combination of more than 40 natural and bio ingredients have been incorporated into the highly advanced skincare formulations. They are designed to target both external and internal factors that can contribute to early skin ageing and accumulated skin damage.
Dafna's New Skincare Line


The DR2 Wellbeing Line has been formulated to combat external and internal factors that can contribute to early skin ageing including: free radicals, dehydration and intrinsic stress.

DRWellbeing Line products contain between 11 and 25 active high-quality, high-concentration ingredients per product, designed to work in synergy with each other for maximum results.

DETOX: Purify the skin by helping to fight against free radicals and oxidation.  Dafna’s Skincare provides vitality and protection to the cells of your skin and body. It also helps the preservation of cellular DNA.

REPAIR: Ingredients that repair and minimize the signs of ageing of the skin; such as pigmentation, fine lines and flaccid skin.

DESTRESS: Ingredients that fight intrinsic oxidative stress, which is the second main cause for early ageing. Also provide a feeling of wellness and balance.

RECHARGE: Ingredients that recharge the cells with energy and help enhance the Collagen and Elastin.

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