I recently found probably the best curly hair expert in town! Lovely Stephanie Nik, who is the owner of Curly Hair London transformed my unmanageable mane into beautiful bouncy curls. Stephanie asked me to talk her through my haircare routine before telling me off for creating more frizz. I think we all make the same mistake which involves using towel to dry curly hair! I know, we all do it. But since I started following her tips after my beautiful haircut, my hair looks amazing. Stephanie agreed to answer a few of my questions and share her specialist knowledge with all curly hair girls out there. Thank you Stef!

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toupee uk

toupee uk

1. Why is  Curly Hair (CH) so special ?

CH is special because it makes you stand  out in a crowd. It is unique, attention- grabbing  and often used as an identifier. There are a lot of others but usually is ” Jenny with the curly hair”. One of my customers always reminds me: ” Stef  cut my hair short and still keep the curls, I like when  someone describes as the lady with the curly hair ” I like it ! CH adds to your personality also after curly  people are described as happy, sexy, fun ….. CH has a natural volume and versatile.  CH is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL!

2. Why CH need to be treated differently that the straight hair?

CH has a different texture it is dry by nature  and needs a lot of moisture to tame the frizz. CH can not take a lot of heat it will break the hair, while the straight hair will become shinier. CH does not like brushing- it will create frizz and loose the curl pattern, while the straight hair will  become smoother. CH hair needs moisturising and styling products  to looks healthy, happy and to define the curls,  while the straight hair might become greasy and heavy as straight hair has a different needs. Regarding washing I would suggest using sulphate, silicone and paraben free products to avoid detergents
which are damaging the hair and scalp.  Regarding the colour I would suggest using non  ammonia and natural colours

3. What is the most common mistake curly haired people do ?


     1) On the consultation before any service they show
a pictures of hair they don’t like.
      2) Common mistake is try to moisturise
the hair with oils.
      3) Mistake is to believe in any adverts and have many
bottles and hopes that they are going to make a miracle
      4) Tie the hair up too tight
      5) Brushing
      6) Washing too often or not washing properly
      7) Washing all of the conditioner out
      8) Over styling
      9) Air dry
    10) Playing with hair
    11) Going to bed with wet hair
    12) Relaxing or Straightening because do not know
how to deal with the frizz.

4. How to treat curly hair to make sure stays curly not frizzy ?


-Find the right products and learn a good maintaining routine
It is important to clean, condition and style with products suitable
for your type of hair.
 -Use microfibre towel or cotton T-shirt.
– Diffuser day at least 60% and let the curls set them self, don’t touch the curls when they are in driving process.
– Use a satin pillowcase and tie up a loose pineapple

5. What are your tips for curly hair maintenance?

– Cut or trim the hair regularly – Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise -Take a time( do not rush) of the process- washing, styling and drying that will make easy next few days before the following washing. -Spray water or moisturising spay conditioner every day. -Love your curls and keep a good relationship

Moisture is very important to Curly Hair it comes from water-based products tat can be taken up by the hair. Moisture prevent breakage and encourage length retention. Moisturised hair is happy and bouncy. The frizz is curl begging for moisture.

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