Cosmopolitan Globetrotter: Pucci Resort 2020

Cosmopolitan Globetrotter: Pucci Resort 2020

by Nejilka

The ideal women for Pucci is a woman who’s well travelled, charming yet amusing. She is opened minded, natural and has a lust for sophistication. She’s independent and free. She is vibrant. She is confident. At a party, she’s the most charming, sensual and drinking a dry martini. Are you a Pucci woman?

As Carrie Bradshaw says “I like my money where I can see it”.

Pucci kicked off resort with a collection celebrating the culture and folk art of the Polynesian Islands. Pucci brought a freshness to this collection. I’m in awe. I could wear the entire collection on a lovely Spring day. Preferentially as the ideal Pucci women on a luxurious exotic island. This collection is built on an everyday look. So let’s start with the basics of all-white clean yet tailored to fit blazer. Pucci, in my opinion, brings the class back into blazers. And all-white well fitted trousers. It’s really hard to find the right all-white trousers. I commend Pucci for making the perfect ones. Starting with the silhouette of the trousers are great if you have hips because it falls straight down.

The models Pucci chose, bring the clothes alive with such grace and elegance. This collection is built on an everyday look. There’s this evening dress with an open back. It’s also two tones of pink which is hard to pull off without looking overdone. Pucci has made the silhouette of the dress versatile for all kinds of women to wear. Also, the IDEAL silk summer dresses. In this collection, there are a number of different types of dress. Whether it’s a mini dress, an evening dress or even a beach dress Pucci got you. Moving away from their traditional designs Pucci had decided to try something new. Paul Gaugin ‘s is the genius artist behind the print designs. His inspiration was to bring Polynesia culture and folk art into the designs. To make us feel like we’re there. You can see him pour his heart and soul into every design. The dresses are mainly made of silk with notes of chiffon. In this collection, everything Paul touched was sensual, vibrant and vivid. The main message Pucci is setting out for women to feel confident in their designs. The beachwear is made with vivid and energetic colours. The prints Paul worked on are refreshing, new and a modern twist to what Pucci originally is known for. I’d love to wear some of the silk dresses with my cowboy boots. Although ideally, I’d wear with pointed low sandals to give it more elegance as Pucci would approve.

Photos courtesy of PR Consulting Paris.

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