Core Collective: Where to Stay Fit in London with classes you want to take

by Charlotte Smith

Core Collective: Stay Fit in London

This week we landed at Core Collective.  What I like about the studio is there is no contract.  You can pay as you go, pop in and pop out with a smoothie in hand and chill in Holland Park after. Continuing on a lifestyle journey at the present moment is hard work for someone who dislikes the gym.   Follow us as our search continues to find health centers that are fun, keep you fit and have a smoothie or a healthy shot waiting for you when you are finished your favorite kind of work out class.

Core Collective: Where to Stay Fit in London with classes you want to take


What I dislike about Huge gyms are they are run like factories and more like pick up joints then silhouette changing recreations centers.  Gyms like Core Collective are modernizing the way people like me like to stay fit.  After getting obsessed with spinning, one of my spinning instructors suggested I mix it up a little.  In order for my body to really change she advised that I do other types of cardio exercises.  That is why a place like Core is ideal.  I can take a spin class if I want and don’t have to wear the spinning shoes, I can wear my own kicks to class.

That is not all.  The center has workouts that explore a dynamic range of classes designed to complement each other and your results. You can take yoga, circuit, lift & row, Pilates, power yoga,  and stretch classes all in one place.  The studio spaces are huge so you can spread out and get on your workout grind.  The appeal is you can change your routine whenever you want.  It is like a work out mix based on your mood.  You will never feel like I have to hit the treadmill dam moment.  The instructors here want you to have a good time and give off the vibe congrats you made it to class not ‘ let’s go.’

Core Collective: Where to Stay Fit in London with classes you want to take

Sometimes you feel you need a harder workout, sometimes you just want to ride, and other times you just need a good ole stretch.  The atmosphere is inviting and calm.  Staff and instructors great you and are always happy to see you walk in the door ready to sweat and work on your body. Most instructors have that body you are working for.  Clients are normal people like you and me.  That know they have hectic lives, but need to work on problems areas.  Or like me chosen a healthy lifestyle and need to move a couple of times a week.

For the past few weeks, I have cherished my walk through Holland Park on my way to a spin or power yoga class.  Core Collective is located at  45 PHILLIMORE WALK, KENSINGTON, LONDON W8 7RZ.  With a studio where you can have lunch, read a book or use the lounge area as a workspace before taking a class.  Yet living in Knotting Hill now is also a perk.

If you decide to drop in say hi on your way to class or follow us on Instagram for more healthy lifestyle tips.  I recommend the spin, power yoga and cardio class.  The cardio class kicked my ass.


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