Vogue Café Slated to Open in Berlin and Porto 2017

Condé Nast International Restaurants has partnered with premium lifestyle and fashion brand Patrick Hellmann Collection

to open Vogue Café in Berlin in 2017, its first permanent location in Western Europe.   A second Western Europe location will also launch next year, a Vogue Café in Porto licensed by The Fladgate Partnership.

Vogue Café Slated to Open in Berlin and Porto 2017

Gary Robinson, Director of Condé Nast International Restaurants, commented,“Developing and opening a Vogue Café in Western Europe has long been an ambition for the brand, and we are thrilled to announce not one but two locations.  Berlin is currently the third most visited city in Europe, with its incredibly creative and cool restaurant, music, fashion and gallery vibe, the dynamic Berlin food movement has now more than caught up with its other creative outpouringsPorto, the second largest city in Portugal, is recognised as a UNESCO heritage site, as well as being a design and epicurean destination full of charm.

A first for Germany, the Vogue Café will be located in the five-star Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel Im Grunewald, a historic venue steeped in glamour and heritage and located in a prime residential area on the outskirts of Berlin, within easy reach of theKurfürstendamm.


Patrick Hellmann is a German-born designer whose eponymous fashion label, Patrick Hellmann Collection, offers menswear and womenswear, alongside a premium lifestyle, interior design and real estate business including the Schlosshotel. The brand has stores in Berlin and London in addition to outlets in Russia, Dubai, Ukraine and Marbella.

Vogue Café Slated to Open in Berlin and Porto 2017

“The rich history of the premises, the beautiful surroundings and the unique energy of the Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel inspires my creative thinking consistently, which I am excited to share with all our guests. We offer something that in its own way equates perfectly with the spirit of fashion, it is an approach to life: comfort, functionality and aesthetics, all in perfect harmony. It reminds guests of its history by showcasing a mix of contemporary and classic architecture uniquely in each area of the hotel, by using PHC designs in textiles and furnishings. With Vogue Café, we introduce a concept to the local culinary scene which will set new standards of inspiration not only for trendsetting social influencers and the creative community. The cooperation with Condé Nast International Restaurants will be a spectacular venture between two brands, powerfully evocative of uncompromising extravagance and style,” added Patrick Hellmann.

 Vogue Café Porto will open in the Infante Sagres hotel on Praça de D. Filipa de Lencastre, Porto’s oldest luxury property. The Fladgate Partnership’s principal business is Port Wine, and the group owns three of the most celebrated and long established Port houses: Taylor, Fonseca and Croft, together with one of the most extensive vineyard holdings in the Douro Valley.  In the last decade, The Fladgate Partnership made strategic investments in luxury hospitality and tourism.

The group has most recently acquired the Infante de Sagres – where the Vogue Café will open – and which is about to undergo a complete refurbishment, enhancing the property’s original features.


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