Cobella Kensington Hair Salon  & Kera KeraStraight Hair Treatment Review

Cobella Kensington Hair Salon & KeraStraight Hair Treatment Review

by Charlotte Smith

 Cobella Kensington Hair Salon London  

Yes, I have mixed race girl hair issues! Can Cobella Kensington Hair salon save my hair? As I get older I feel like I never grow up.  I go through these periods in my life since I was a teenager that I like to stress out my hair and die it crazy colours.  

This summer was no different and this mature woman wanted pink hair. Now my hair is paying for it and I had to chop off the last 2 years of growing my hair out.  I ruined it by bleaching the ends and now my hair is dry, brittle and cut into a bob. 

It was raining outside the day I visited the salon.  I wondered did I pick the right day to go straight? Time for some hair help and this time Cobella Kensington Hair Salon & KeraStraight Hair Treatment to the rescue.  I already feel I am too late. My hair feels like straw and is broken all over.   Helen the hairdresser who was going to save my hair said she might have to cut more! ‘NO PLEASE! ‘  I screamed.

Cobella Kensington Hair Salon & KeraStraight Hair Treatment Review

Helen said we have to wait to see what your hair looks like after the  KeraStraight Hair Treatment has been applied. My hair was desperate for repair.  I had literally ruined it or the hairstylist who bleached it. My hair was breaking everywhere even though I just had a cut!

I decided to try out the salon because I am new to the hood, workout and shop in the area so why not. The ‘Cobella experience’ was born from the New York day spa-salon concept; providing world-class hairdressing and pioneering beauty treatments under one roof.  Being a native New Yorker in London this is the experience I was looking for, including the hair salon gossip sessions!

With state of the art revolutionary technology and the finest hairdressing experts, they pride themselves on offering the most unique, enchanting and unforgettable experience in a nurturing environment that promotes both health and beauty. Of all the elements that make Cobella truly exceptional, the most distinctive is the human element. That you feel the minute you walk in the salon they treat you like family or a long lost cousin.

Cobella Kensington Hair Salon & KeraStraight Hair Treatment Review

My hairdresser talked me through the entire process and explained why the KeraStraight Hair Treatment was one of the best on the market to repair and tame my curly hair. I am sorry everyone who is embracing the natural look, I just do not think it suits me.

What Is KeraStraight And How Does It Work?

Cobella Kensington Hair Salon & KeraStraight Hair Treatment Review

KeraStraight harnesses proteins (largely a huge dose of keratin, sometimes found inside shampoos and serums) as well as amino acids which disrupt the hair’s natural curl pattern, smoothing, reinforcing and straightening in the process. and after a wash and condition, my hairstylist slathered my locks with the keratin-packed treatment from root to tip.

Cobella Kensington Hair Salon & KeraStraight Hair Treatment Review

It felt exactly like hair dye, just without the awful smell. I sat in the chair for 30 minutes while the formula worked its magic on my mane and then it was carefully and painstakingly blow-dried into my hair. After another rinse and rough-dry, Lucy straightened my hair as I would normally at home, but with a pair of KeraStraight irons complete with tourmaline technology to really seal in the keratin-infused goodness.

Cobella Kensington Hair Salon & KeraStraight Hair Treatment Review

Gone are the days when you’d have to keep the greasy formula on your hair for 24 hours – this is a same-day treatment and totally worthy of game-changer status.  My hair felt silky soft I was so happy because for the last few weeks it was dry and brittle my boyfriend did not even want to touch it.

Cobella Kensington Hair Salon & KeraStraight Hair Treatment Review

Now, this treatment does not get your roots as straight a relaxer would,  but you cannot have everything. When she was done styling my hair she said she did not have to cut it! Yes! But, I needed to still condition it a lot and treat it because I still colour my hair red.  The treatment starts at around £200.

Stay tuned for my next story on how I keep my coloured hair healthy. Taking care of mixed race hair is a job, but I am on the road to repairing my hair and hopefully not bleaching it anymore! Now I have a new partner in crime to maintain it.  Thank you Cobella Kensington and big kisses to Helen who made the experience and the shop talk great. She loves curly hair!

5 Kensington High St London, W8 5NP

Phone: 0207 937 8888
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