Coachella 2017 Looks of the Week | Influencers Edition (Youtubers)

Do you follow famous influencers on Instagram ? If so, you already know that most of them are in Coachella. You probably saw a lot of cool outfits, hairstyles and makeups in your feed. Today, I have decided to share with you my favorite looks from the youtubers I know.

Let’s recap what they are wearing, and how gorgeous they look. If you want to know where their outfits are from, click their name, it will redirect you to their official Instagram, and you will see all the clothes details.

Melissa Alatorre


I love the retro vibe of her look thanks to the sunglasses. You can’t go wrong with shorts, a detailed crop top and a fedora.

Christen Dominique

She definitely went full glam and sexy with this outfit ! Shorts, cleavage and a cut-out blouse that screams sexy. The previous day, she rocked the space buns and added some jewellery and glitter on her hair line for a maximum effect.

Sona Gasparian


Her outfit is on point. I love her YSL brown bag, perfect for Coachella. But what catches our eye is the pink and purple hair that she wore in a simple braid for a boho style.

Teni Panosian

If you know Teni the slightest, you know she is a simple woman. She is wearing a simple outfit, shorts and a black crop top. But she decided to rock her makeup with studs on her face.

Desi Perkins

Desi chose the color of the season, light yellow. She is wearing a matching off-the-shoulder top and skirt,



Chrisspy is a chameleon. She loves changing her looks by wearing different wigs. She chose a light pink one for Coachella, and kept her outfit quite simple.


She is always boho-chic. I love her style. She chose floral for Coachella.


Again, shorts, black top, fedora and booties. No surprise here but the look is great. She went full glam with her makeup.


Really bold outfit for Shayla, outfit that reminds me a lot of Kim Kardashian. She is wearing a see-through skirt with a bralette, all black. She added some shine with the gold belt, and some colors with her sunglasses and bag.


Which look is your favorite ? Comment below !



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