Co-Working Spaces – Are They a Good Idea?

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Co-Working Spaces 

Co-working spaces have become extremely popular in recent years. Although there’s definitely challenges involved, studies have shown that many people thrive in co-working spaces. So, could hiring a shared office space work for your business?

Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know about co-working spaces and the potential benefits they can deliver.

The benefits of co-working spaces for the self-employed

Co-working spaces have become especially popular for the self-employed. Freelancers often discover that working from home isn’t as beneficial as they thought it would be. By far one of the biggest challenges of being a self-employed freelancer, is isolation.

When you work from home, you hardly ever have any contact with anyone else face to face. After a while, the isolation can lead to depression, anxiety or both. So, renting out a co-working space can be a great way to ease the loneliness as you get to mix with other freelancers, while also having the privacy you need to work.

They offer a unique working environment

The fact they offer a unique working environment is also an advantage. Sometimes, employees need a little change of scenery to be productive. Traditional office spaces can also be somewhat limiting. Research has actually shown that employees thrive in a co-working space.  

With co-working spaces, they are often serviced and come with the latest modern technology too. The office environment is extremely important in terms of your employee happiness. If they’re working in a space they actually enjoy, they’re sure to be much more productive.

Co-Working Spaces – Are They a Good Idea?

Could a serviced office be a better alternative?

While co-working spaces do have a lot of benefits, they aren’t suitable for everyone. They can be noisy and therefore potentially distracting. So, it could be worth looking into quieter alternatives.

Serviced offices are ideal as you’re often sharing a building with other companies, but your employees have their own private office space. So, you basically get the best of both worlds. Companies such as Be Offices, provide serviced offices at competitive rates in numerous locations throughout the UK.

There’s pros and cons to co-working spaces, so it is important to consider both before deciding whether or not it’s right for you. If not, serviced offices could be a good alternative. The point is, having a non-traditional office does often work much better for both employees and their employers. So, it’s definitely something you’ll want to consider.

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