Clarins Tonic Oil

Clarins Tonic Body Oil – Pregnancy Product That We Swear By

by Gosia Krajewski

STYLE CARTEL MOM – Clarins Tonic Body Oil – Pregnancy Product That We Swear By

Clarins has a collection of three body treatment oils with a potent blend of essential oils and plant extracts created in 1954 and unchanged since that date. I am the biggest fan of one – Tonic Body Treatment Oil. I was using that throughout my pregnancy religiously massaging it to by belly and bum, and never had a single stretch mark!

Clarins Tonic Oil

Originally created by founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins as intensive professional formulas for use in his massage treatments at the very first Clarins Institute de Beauté in Paris. It was entirely due to his client’s requests to use them at home that he launched the Clarins brand.

To this day, these body treatment oils remain at the heart of the Clarins range as a timeless reminder that potent plant extracts are unequalled at rebalancing the skin and their aromas have a unique therapeutic effect on our sense of well-being.

Each plant formula is 100% natural, rich in carefully chosen essential oils and preservative free, because the essential oils act as a natural preservative. Pure plant oils also possess aromatic properties, so there is no need to add any kind of synthetic fragrance.

Tonic Body Treatment Oil

Firming & Toning

A body oil that maintains and improves skin tone, elasticity and suppleness and so helps prevent stretch marks and loss of firmness. Especially recommended during periods of weight fluctuation such as pregnancy. Contains essential oils of rosemary recognised for its ability to reduce puffiness and boost circulation, sage recognised for its ability to create a sense of wellbeing and mint recognised for its refreshing and cooling properties. In a nourishing base of hazelnut oil rich in powerful anti-oxidant vitamin E.

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