Ciara is leveling up and it’s going to make you turn up

by Shawna Montout

After  three years without making music, Ciara is coming back with a new hit : “Level up”. July 17th The music video was released and Ciara’s dance moves are back as well !

CC’s come back is on one hundred

We were wondering where she was? When was she coming back? And now she is here! First, she released a new hit and then right after we get the music video. “Level up” is making everyone dance on social media. The song is a teaser of Ciara’s 7th album which should be here sooner than later.

In the video for “Level up”, we see Ciara and her girl squad dancing just how we like it, with energy and it’s beautiful. You even want to go with them and dance. The singer is always credited for her dance moves, do you remember? “1,2 step”, “Ride” and it’s sure, we can add “Level up” to the list!

Ciara’s challenges

Even though Ciara wasn’t on the music scene for a while she was still here. Lately, she has been on social media a lot. We had the pleasure to see her do the #ShiggyChallenge, a dance challenge with Drake’s latest hit, “In My Feelings” created by the comedian Shiggy. Now she is coming back for the pleasure of her fans with the Level up challenge. Which according to the artist is an empowering challenge? At the beginning of the music video, we hear her say “Be your own boss, love yourself, get up and dance”.

On top of that, CC has another challenge: Prove what she is capable of. For those who have been here, we already know. But in 2018 you can disappear for three years and still be in the wave. Everything is going fast we are in the area of streaming, mass consumerism. People consume music just like food. Ciara’s last album, “Jackie”, was released in 2015. And a lot of people don’t even know about it. Is it bad marketing? We don’t know, but what we are sure about is the fact that Ciara is a talented artist and with this new single she might be coming back and staying.




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