Christopher Kane Spring-Summer 2018 Campaign ‘Domestic Services’

Christopher Kane Spring-Summer 2018 ‘Domestic Services’


Christopher Kane is one of the hottest designers for influencers to follow.  In the designer’s new Summer 2018 Campaign ‘Domestic Services’ is acclamation to women especially when we have our fragile moments.  With a red dress that most women would purchase right off the runway. 

“I have always been obsessed by that pristine woman – so clean, so proper, yet having an emotional breakdown,” says Christopher Kane. “We wanted to look at that in the campaign; the idea of interiors, of a closed domestic world, both clean and kinky, and how the Christopher Kane girl would inhabit it. Kiki is the model that personified this collection for us and brought it to life in the campaign; elegant yet cheeky, mysterious and mischievous – she really has it all.”


The campaign featuring the Dutch model Kiki Willems, with photography by Alasdair McLellan, the latest  Mr. Kane campaign takes the narrative of the Spring-Summer collection one step further. Shot in suburban Streatham – one time London home to the collection’s muse, Cynthia Payne – a  fashion filmic approach is utilized to explore both a terse and teasing interior world.

Christopher Kane Spring-Summer 2018 Campaign ‘Domestic Services’

Mildly retro and slightly kitsch, the interiors of this suburban environment are echoed in the clothing of the collection. From elegant, forties housecoats to desultory dusters, the inspirations range from the utterly refined to the most commonplace household objects fetishized. Ideas of the prim and the perverse, the elegant and the everyday combine in wipe-clean surfaces, doily-like lace, bleach bottle hues, sinuous satin and laundry lingerie.

Christopher Kane Spring-Summer 2018 Campaign ‘Domestic Services’

Once again, the Kane girl makes her own world, has her own elegance and does not give a damn what anybody else might think of her.  This is the way women today fell.  I cannot wait to get my hands on a few pieces.  I think I am a Kane girl. 


Photography: Alasdair McLellan

Model: Kiki Willems

Art Direction: Jo-Ann Furniss

Hair: Anthony Turner

Make up: Lynsey Alexander

Set Design: Poppy Bartlett

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