Christian Louboutin The Amazon Women Walks #LOUBOUTINWORLD

by Charlotte Smith

Spring Summer 2017 Collection

The Amazon Women Walks Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2017 #LOUBOUTINWORLD.   Welcome to our shoe diary and our continued obsession with CLou.


Who went to the Amazon in search of inspiration for his Spring Summer 2017 Collection.  Not only did the shoe designer embrace the colors, but also the spirit of the Amazons women warriors.  Who else can run through the jungle in some of his samba colored boots.



BRINGS THE SPIRIT OF SAMBA TO SPRING/ SUMMER 2017.  The collection is for women that are fierce,smoke pot,love to dance the night away,and who slay men on the dance.  She is a woman who loves men passionately and is a lady-killer.

Accessory Saturday




christian-louboutin-christeriva-85-gg-denim-vv-blue-rougissimeThis Accessory Saturday we’re happy to introduce you the new Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2017 collection for Women.   Filled with shoes of color and sexyness for your feet. 


This season Christian Louboutin, was inspired by the warm and colourful atmosphere of Brazil : Brightly-coloured Python KAA and watersnake Ayers Moreila in Blue, Rougissime and Sunshine.  There is also an element of screen-printed Canevas Jungle theme.


To  summon the mysterious creatures lurking in the overgrown forests of the Amazon.  In search of some candy colored swirl.







Otherworldly flora and fauna on Python Flowers and rigid, cut leather motifs equipped with prickly thorns allure with striking vivacity.

As brilliant beaches are evoked through a vibrant palette of Egyptian Blue, Electro, turquoise Bora Bora.  Metalized patents that gleam like the surface of the ocean in the sun.
















Rich neutrals DouDou and Galet conjure sandy shores, whilst smooth accents of Latte transport us to white sand beaches. With the heat of the summer sun, in yellow sunshine and Full Moon caress the skin with warm golden rays.  Christian-Louboutin-Cherrysandal-140-Calf-Caviar-Glos-Pat-PVC-VV-Multicolor.jpg
















From the rainforests of the Amazon to the concrete jungles of Sao Paolo, city style boots Who Runs 70 and Who Dances 70.  Are going the a must have’s from the collection. The boots are equipped with tread-ready lug soles and military-inspired button details to make a style. Are statement in flashy, multi-coloured material collages of Safari pony, metallized leather and Glitter Tissé.

















Pumps and peep toe sister styles Estradouche 100 and Aribak 100 channel.   For the fashion gurus in a delightful mix of pony and Glitter.


Christian-Louboutin-Gelila-120-Veau-Velours-Glitter-Tisse-Version-Poudre.The addition of Rosa pink and purple Cassis suede draped shoes into couture turban knots.  These elements add an elegant evening detail to the foot.  Here we see the  Marchavekel 100 and 150 showcase the curved Fetish heel.  Meanwhile, multicoloured jewels and bauble embellishments ornament the gloriously eccentric material combinations of Riveraluna 100, Oaxacana 85.  















 Christian LouboutinThe Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

debuts in boutiques and luxury department stores beginning in November.

Christian-Louboutin-Explorete-100-Nappa-Shiny-Patent-Rete-Version-LatteShop the collection 24/7 at


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