Christian Louboutin Outfits Cuba’s Olympics Team

Christian Louboutin X – Official sponsors of the Cuban National Delegation for J.O Rio.  With red being the shoe designer’s signature color, him accessorising the outfits for the Cuba’ Olympic team totally makes sense.  

Christian Louboutin Outfits Cuba’s Olympics Team

 Louboutin teamed with former professional handball player Henri Tai on the red-centric designs, to be worn by the athletes at formal occasions including the event’s closing ceremony. Tai is founder of, a fledgling French men’s e-concept store specializing in activewear and lifestyle clothing.

Christian Louboutin Outfits Cuba’s Olympics Team

Christian Louboutin Outfits Cuba’s Olympics Team

Featuring nods to Cuban heritage, the athletic-chic silhouette was also designed with input from the athletes themselves through a series of custom fittings in a Paris atelier. Unveiled at a global launch in Lisbon, Portugal, on Thursday hosted by actor and former Olympic athlete Pedro Lima, the outfit centers on sharply tailored jackets in red for men and beige for women bearing the Cuban flag on the breast pocket and a lucky five-pointed star at the back.


As sponsors and unexpected to say the least unusual Sporty Henry and Christian Louboutin have desired highlight athletes, style and comfort creating an exclusive collection that says chic and sense of Cuban style without compromising the look convenient and comfortable uniforms that will be worn at official ceremonies, especially the Closing ceremony. The design outfits draws heavily on the design heritage of Cuba and the athletes themselves, since some of them may have been made in the design of the collection.


Christian Louboutin Outfits Cuba’s Olympics TeamThis collaboration is primarily a “passion project” for non-commercial purposes and it was for Christian and Henry celebrate friendship, long-standing friendship between Christian Louboutin and Henry Tai and new friendship with the Cuban athletes to celebrate Rio Olympics to be held from 27 July to 24th August. Let the games begin and we wished we could get those shoes!

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