Choosing a Living Room Set: A Few Major Tips

Choosing a Living Room Set: A Few Major Tips

Is it possible to furnish a living room and not ruin its interior design? Yes, it is, but it’s quite a tough task because the overall atmosphere of your home depends on your success. The living room is the place where your family gathers at the end of the day, and it’s here that you entertain guests. That’s why it should be cozy and comfortable. But even the trendiest and priciest set may look ridiculous if you choose it wrong. Fortunately, there are a couple of tips to help you avoid major mistakes.

First of all, a living room must be not only comfortable but also functional. Fashion trends are secondary. Besides, they’re likely to change sooner than you buy new furniture. You need to understand what you need a living room for.

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The purpose of your living room

What does this mean? Perhaps, you’re planning to use this room as a spot for chilling with your loved ones. Or you’re going to throw friendly parties every weekend. Or maybe, the place will be used as a guest room where your friend can spend the night if they’re kicked out of their apartment. In each case, you need to select the right living room set.

The room intended for guest entertainment should impress, so you need at least a comfortable, upholstered sofa and a vitrine. It’s better to choose multifunctional furniture, for example, a transforming coffee table. If necessary, it can be turned into a dining table.


Once you figure out the purpose of the room, you need to decide on the style of your set. Usually, it depends either on fashion trends or on your personal preferences. There are two main styles:

– Modern. This style is all about functional furniture with clear geometric lines, lack of décor and asymmetry. The main materials range from glass to plastic. Due to the cheap materials, modern living room sets are much more affordable than those of the classic style.

Sofa and armchairs in Art Nouveau style

– Classic. Expect exquisite furniture sets made according to various ‘historical’ styles, like baroque or rococo. Its distinctive features are curved contour lines and an abundance of décor: inlays, elegant carving, and so on. Classic-style sets are made of natural materials, primarily of precious wood.

Color solutions

The color is no less important than the style, and it also depends on what you want the room to be. For instance, a place for family gatherings will look great with the furniture of a calming blue or light green shade. The room for parties needs bright furniture. Yellow, orange, and even red colors will cheer you up.

A white living room set is a universal solution suitable for any room. Dark colors only work in spacious rooms because they make spaces visually smaller. A multifunctional living room looks good with the furniture of neutral tones, like cream, olive, or beige.

A couple of basic tips

To make it easier to choose among thousands of living room sets on sale, take these details into account:

  1. For smaller rooms, it’s better to buy a modular sofa with three or more pieces. They can be rearranged and turned into curbstones or armchairs if needed.
  2. Furniture should not block the passageways to doors and windows. Therefore, massive four-seater sofas with armchairs fit only in large rooms. If the room is relatively small, a double sofa is more than enough.
  3. If the layout involves putting the furniture in the middle of the room, make sure there are no open plywood areas and rough seams on the back of the couch and armchairs.
  4. If there’s not enough space for the couch, buy a few armchairs instead.
  5. Such elements as glass shelves, open racks, or furniture with no armrests will visually increase your living room.

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