Chanel Nail Polish Fit for TomBoy’s

Chanel nail polish is fit for tomboys. Even though I’m a fashion maven when it comes to beauty Je suis nul. I know nothing about beauty secrets and wax, what? Tweezers huh? I never saw the difference on my face after I got my eyebrows waxed, yet others saw an amazing difference. To me I looked the same.

I grew up in a household of women who just wore red lipstick nothing more. Saturday’s were for doing your nails before church on Sunday, I was never really interested in those things. Make-up was forbidden until your 18th Birthday, so I never really got into the early years of teenage make-up. Now that I am older I am happy that I did not get into it cause my skin looks great and I am not afraid to walk out the house with out it. I feel make-up and too much attention on beauty for young teenage girls ruins there out look on what it means to be beautiful. Take for example my 16-year-old sister who says she cannot leave the house with out make-up. She is beautiful and does not even need mascara!

I have always been a tomboy and painting my nails was a nightmare! Actually my little sister taught me how. I could never stay in the lines. I had the luxury of going to the Chanel fashion show and in the goody bags was Chanel nail polish!! I hardly ever painted my nails until the other day when I went on an interview and asked about dress code in the office. The main thing that stayed in my mind was the comment about nice looking nails.

So I decided to test out the Chanel #159 Fire. Wow I am in love; the polish dries quick enough for someone with ants in their pants, who can never sit still enough for her nails to dry properly. Hence I went out to buy another colour today Rouge Noir, at 19.60 € I had to calm myself down because some of the new colours Melrose hot pink, a purple Rodeo Drive, and orange La Sunrise and a blue black are to die for, so many choices!

Thank you Peter Phillips the new Global Creative Director of Chanel Makeup for designing four “cult worthy, limited-edition nail colours in Pop –Art inspired shades.”

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Charlotte is an urban New Yorker who has lived in London, Paris & Morocco. She has an MBA in Management and Economics of Luxury Brands and Fashion and her BFA from the New School. She calls herself the dyslexic writer living between London & Paris. Digital Fashion & Lifestyle Architect ?:ChaChaNyc007