Could Cell Phones, Head Scarves, or Durags Be Causing Your Breakouts?

Hide ya’ Pillow Cases, Hide ya’ Scarves, Hide ya’ Phones cause they’re breaking everybody out here..

It may seem simple enough to remember, but we don’t keep our cell phones and devices as clean as we should. Lest not forget our pillow cases, head scarves, bonnets, and durags (yes men, I’m looking at you); all things that collect your bodies dirt and oil, and if not kept clean can lead to breakouts. So here’s your friendly reminder.

Cell Phones/ Devices

Not only should you keep your cell phone and devices sanitized on a daily basis, but don’t forget headphones, headphone cords, or anything that comes in close proximity to your face because: germs be lurking.

Pillow Cases/ Sheets

Every night we lay our heads to rest (personally I haven’t rested in years, I go to sleep every night though) and transfer body oil, sweat, hair moisturizer, hair gel, onto our pillow cases and sheets. It may seem excessive, but changing your pillow cases every 1-2 weeks can help prevent breakouts. If you can’t, just keep ya’ head up.

Head Scarves/ Bonnets/ Durags

I don’t know about y’all but I keeps a scarf on at night, preferably satin with a fire print. But it’s important to remember, whatever hair butters or oils you use transfer to your scarf and marinate on that forehead aka breading grounds for breakouts. So it’s important to wash your scarves, bonnets, and durags (yes men, still looking at you, I know waves and dreads ain’t dead) at least once a week.

Glasses/ Sunglasses

Anybody out there with oily skin wear glasses? Familiar with the “push up your glasses every five seconds so they don’t slide off your nose” struggle? Anywho, glasses and sunglasses sit on your face and temples so keep the bridge and handles of your glasses cleaned daily, OKurrrt.

Follow these tips best you can, and your face will thank you later. I take my skincare seriously, so I’ll be damned if a pillow case is my downfall. Tootles!

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