Celebrity Looks of the Week | Marion Cotillard at Cannes Festival

We are used to see a lot of beautiful and glamour dresses at the Cannes Festival, but this year, Marion Cotillard appeared the very first day wearing an outfit not worthy of a red carpet.

Everybody has been talking about Marion the day the Cannes festival started, and it wasn’t for the movie she was presenting. The beautiful actress appeared for the promo of her upcoming movie, “Les Fantômes d’Ismaël”, wearing a very unexpected outfit. Marion is usually super chic and glam at red carpets, so imagine our surprises when she showed up wearing an outfit we are more used to see in the streets.


Marion Cotillard’s unexpected outfit

Y/Project, Fall 2017 Collection

She of course went back to her traditional french chic style later on, with gorgeous dresses.


Marion Cotillard glammed up


She started slow but ends up in an apotheosis. She mostly wore glittery detailed gowns, and she looked absolutely stunning. I recognize here the chic style Marion Cotillard has always been wearing.

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