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Male Celebrity Look of the Week : Will Smith & Chris Pratt

Sunday will now be dedicated to our “Male Celebrity Look of the Week“. I will mostly talk about their fashion sense and review their outfit.

Today, we have a battle : Will Smith VS Chris Pratt (or Deadshot VS Star Lord, much more fun !).

They are competitors in their Marvel and DC movies, but let’s admit that they both look handsome in their suits. They both wore recently Tom Ford’s suits for their movie premieres.

Will Smith chose a groufit, meaning his whole outfit is a combination of grey shades. He wore a silky grey suit with a grey shirt, paired with black lace-up shoes. The look is complete with this very pretty silk pocket square.

What I love about his suit is the jacket and the tie. I love the double button of the jacket, it gives a very elegant touch to the look. I am a fan of silk, so the tie was meant to make me happy.


Chris Pratt was a bit more formal. He wore a grey three-piece suit that is a darker than Will. He paired it with a light grey shirt, a silky tie and black lace-up shoes.

Overall, both of their suits are similar. They chose grey suits that are dear to Tom Ford. It is very hard to choose who wore best because they both look dashing.

But if I really had to choose, I would go for Chris Pratt. I am a huge fan of three-piece suits, they give a very dashing vibe, and I also love the plaid pattern he has on his suit.

Who wore it best according to you ? Let me know in the comments below.




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