Celebrity Look of the Week : Justin Timberlake at Apollo in Hamptons

The famous singer, Justin Timberlake never loses his good look. At the “Apollo in Hamptons 2017” summer event, he was one of the performers. He rocks it as usual! As well as with his styling, too! In New York, he preferred to wear dark washed denim jeans, white cotton henley and a sand Tom Ford sartorial blouson! Do you like it matching with the black hat and camel boots?


Justin Timberlake

The dark shaded, khaki cuffs are nice added details onto the Tom Ford blouson. Using very pastel, calm tones on his clothes, he had a casualness in the air. It is easier to boost the audience’s energy while you are wearing sporty apparels, of course! His fast dance songs require flexible, easy-to-move-in fabrics and materials. You should definitely wear the same kind of clothes when you go to one of his concerts to shake it out!

Source: Getty Images


Overall, he looks simple, sporty and chic as usual. Love the blouson, especially. He is able to manage different varities of identities in his life these days, especially to be a father.



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