The Celebrity Look of the Week : J.Lo and Kourtney Kardashian

by Charlotte Smith

Naked Wardrobe is a brand that reflects a lot of Kardashian style. In my opinion, their bodycon dresses, deep revealing apparel pieces are very Kardashians inspired. All of the young girls who are big fans of the clan wear and buy their clothes.  But what makes the brand so successful?

Their apparels are very good quality. There are a lot of brands who sells bodycon dresses, for example. But Naked Wardrobe is one of the rare ones who actually are very good quality between all of them. Also, their marketing strategies on social media works super well for the brand. They have highly aesthetic images in their account. Visuals are so important to impress the target market to make them buy your product, obviously and this strategy is working, the proof is their sales income.

At the same time, the celebrities who choose to wear their clothing is mainly popular names in Hollywood. As brand is mostly preferred by curvy women, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, and some Kardashians prefer to use the brand apparels for their styling. Even, in their daily life.

Brand’s main philosophy is to enhance the curves of women and to make them love their body in the way it is: sexy, feminine and sophisticated.

Naked Wardrobe on Celebs

J.Lo prefers to wear the crop top while on her date with bae. Do you see her muscles? I got jealous…

But in fact, I did not like the fact that there is a part which you tie on her trousers. It does not look well with open toe high heels. One is too sporty, the other one is too sophisticated chic.


And then there is the eldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney. Mother of three looks super sexy in the black bikini. She matched her bikini with double-layered cross necklace. I do not really like her choice of sunglasses in this image. But she is free to go as it is the vacation time for them.


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