Celebrity Look of the Week : Joan Smalls

by Charlotte Smith


Joan Smalls attended to the first year anniversary of the Blond- one of the most popular spots in Soho, NYC- hosted by herself and Hailey Baldwin. V Magazine was celebrating the arrival of spring with a couple famous names at the party on Friday, April 28th.


Denim and Drama: Joan Smalls

Top model Joan Smalls was wearing a glowing jumpsuit with a denim sleeveless jacket. Her legs were looking totally hot, ready-to-go for summer! She matched them with black, ankle-tied sandals. Her accessories were her earrings and an Edie Parker clutch.


I really like the harmony between her Edie Parker clutch and the jumpsuit, maybe sandals too. But cannot really tell the same thing for the denim jacket. It looks like a cowboy girl got back from Texas family visit. If she has wanted to style herself for Texas, then it could have been just the earrings, her hair style with the denim jacket. But what does the jumpsuit, the clutch and the sandals have to do with that, please someone tell me?!

On the other hand, I really like her makeup and hair going together with her outfit. Her red eyeshadow, well contoured cheekbones, nude color lipstick has a nice and simple effect match shading with her jumpsuit.

Yes, these two girls looks very sexy together partying at the V Magazine event but sorry ladies, your styling is a failure this time! I do not understand who chose their outfits for that night but for these kind of important events, they need to be three times more difficult about their look forsure. Someone needs to take it under control to give better shots to press otherwise it is a disaster! (Just to be warned, everyone) These are people who have millions of followers on social media. If everyone sees them and they are role models, what is going on with their look now in here?

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