Celebrity Look of the Week | Pregnant Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Many women don’t feel their best when they are pregnant, and they shouldn’t. Being pregnant is beautiful, the body changes but it is worth it. Getting dressed can be a challenge, but not for Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

We have a series dedicated to moms in our magazine. So today, I wanted to honor the women. You can be pregnant and fashionable, just like Rosie.

It isn’t about covering the bump, but about showing it off. It will make even more beautiful than you already are.

Street Style

This look has to be my favorite. She is wearing a top from Proenza Shouler, that leaves her shoulders bare. That is all the sexiness she needs. Her purse made the entire look scream summer.

Rosie clearly love black outfits, which is unusual. Before her pregnancy, colors were always in her wardrobe. I guess she takes very seriously that black is slimming.


I actually love most of her outfits. She likes to wear form-fitting skinny pants and tops, and loose coats on top. And it gives a very fashionable look to every outfit she wears.

Red Carpets & Events

This pastel pink dress is so preppy. If you want to add a touch of feminity, go with a dress like this one.

This Versace dress was custom made for her.

As for her red carpets and events style, she is absolutely flawless. Like I said, she is showing her bump and it is beautiful. Silky fabrics are perfect for that.

If you are a soon mom-to-be, check our Style Cartel Mom series right here.

I hope this article will help you find some inspiration !

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