Celebrity Look | Katy Perry In Emanuel Ungaro & Stella Luna

Katy Perry was invited as a guest at the Ellen Degeneres Show a few days ago. And she revealed why she cut her hair while wearing an Emanuel Ungaro floral dress. She looked beautiful in this dress, and those stunning red heels by Stella Luna. The bow detail on the ankle makes all the difference, and is well associated with the red flowers on her dress.

One-shoulder floral dress & Red Sandals 



Even her makeup matched her dress and shoes. She wore a blue winged eye liner, with bright red lips with an orange undertone. Her look here is fantastic, I love it. We are more used to see bold and excentric clothing choice from her, and I was pleasantly surprised here.

While Ellen was interviewing her, she revealed why she cut her long locks into a pixie cut.

“I don’t know if you have ever dyed your hair blonde. […] Sometimes your hair falls out when you go too blonde. So, that’s the way I handled it”.


Everybody talked about Katy Perry’s haircut for a while, because it was a real change for her. But the truth is that she went slow on her haircut. She first cut her long hair into a beautiful long blob, until she went drastic with a pixie cut.


I like the first haircut in the pictures below, only because she has some pieces of her hair that frames her face, and is more flattering on her.



Either way, she looks beautiful. She is a chameleon when it comes to her hair. She wore many hair colors in her career : purple, green, blue, black, blonde etc. So, we can all agree that this pixie cut is not her bolder choice.

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