Celebrating Africa: FRENCH DEAL SS2020 Vol. 04

by Nejilka
Celebrating Africa: FRENCH DEAL SS2020 Vol. 04

French Deal, is a brand for Men’s Ready to Wear. If you haven’t heard of it. Now is the time to pay attention.

Steeven Kodjia, founder of French Deal; comes from the Paris suburbs. He is a professional dancer. At the age of 22, he created a bridge between Paris and New York. Looking and finding fashion wherever he is. His dream was to launch a brand. Successfully with multiple influences; he was able to create French Deal. French Deal is influenced by the surroundings of Paris suburbs, hip-hop culture and passion. French Deal is the hip-hop brand for men’s. It aims to convey the black culture and Parisian couture all together.

This season they transcend and celebrate Africa. The collection features a lot of raw, intense, subtle colours. French Deal worked hard on featuring their traditional loincloths. In a message of tolerance, openness and love, French Deal invites us to travel and discover a generous and experienced culture. For men and women. One of the outstanding shows in Paris.


The origin of the Baoule people is based on Queen Abla Pokou’sdevotiontoherpeople in the mid-18th century.

Abla Pokou, around 1750, decided to leave Ghana with her people in order to offer them protection and happiness. She then headed west, and began long days of walking to reach a peaceful land.

On their way, they encounter the Comoé River, which is impossible for them to cross. The spirit of the river then faces them, and requires them to

sacrifice what they have most dearly; a child.
The queen then understood that the survival of her people depended on her alone. She sacrificed her son, her reason for living, by donating her only child to the river.

After crossing the river, the queen shouted «Ba-ouli! «which means «The child is dead». The people understood this cry as a mother’s pain, and to thank her, took the name «Baoule».

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