London 19th May, 2015: FENDI embraces this year’s ‘fairy tale’ theme for the Chelsea in Bloom flower competition with a unique take on the classic tale of Rapunzel, which will take over the window of the Sloane Street store from the 17th May, 2015. Working collaboratively with By Appointment Only Design florists, FENDI will create a temporary and beautiful exhibit which encapsulates the fantasy world of the ‘fairy tale’ princess.

We live in an age where we are constantly reachable, always online, dedicate our full attention to our professional and private goals, rush from one appointment to the next – and unfortunately all too often forget to take a break and treat ourselves to a soothing time out: Breathe, tune out your everyday life, simply be with yourself and take care of and pamper your body and senses. With the new Home-SPA range, LA BIOSTHETIQUE has developed a body care range that turns your daily care routine into a relaxing wellness experience for skin and senses. Whether a quick shower in the morning or a pampering bath on a Sunday, which transforms your home into your own personal wellness temple, perhaps even followed by a long, pampering massage – SPA turns each of these moments into a source of strength for body and mind.